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Cybersecurity becomes a primary term in the world of technology with the growing threats of malware and ransomware. Cyber-attacks are spreading like wildfires. Going by the observations, organizations frequently get their security breached by such malwares; 2-3 focused attacks per month on an average. These focused attacks can’t be resolved easily. It takes months and sometimes years to even detect it at the first place.
Caxan’s security products give utmost protection against potential threats by brilliantly monitoring the existing ones while endowing a shield of protection which monitors & filters the new ones. It further offers expert experience to assist organizations build resilience.

Acquaint yourself with some practical steps to get better protection from the impact of malwares

Whether at risk from blocked e-mails or encrypted company data, there are always some ways where organizations can lessen the impact of random ransomware.

Proactive Prevention

Proactive prevention programs largely help in recognizing scams. The ransomware attacks are initiated by entities which are often camouflaged with a reputed or reliable image. Using this trustworthy image, they ask for your sensitive information via an electronic communication making a trap for you. Phishing helps to detect such scams making it easier for employees to report fraudulent e-mails quickly.

Active Action Plan

Avoid ransomware with a cyber resilience plan for recovery which undergoes significant testing, reviewing and updating at regular intervals. Avoid connecting workstations and file servers to backup devices. Rather than overwriting previous backups, the backup solution should stow periodic snapshots. This prevents backups from being encrypted in case of successful attacks.

E-mail Controls

Strengthen your e-mail controls which help in significant scanning & filtering of the malicious e-mails from reaching the inbox. It detects the potential threats and filters the executable files making your system less prone to malware. A cloud-based e-mail analytics solution will greatly assist you in configuring your e-mail.

Shielded Infrastructure

Shield your infrastructure by removing or restricting workstation admin rights. The frequent patches of operating systems can bring known vulnerabilities at halt. Set the most accurate configuration combinations like virus scanners, firewalls etc. in order to be intellectually ahead of attackers.

MALWARE ALERT! Beware of the latest
malware and ransomware attack.
The world of technology is full of malware. There have been several prominent cyber-attacks in the industry from the latest being Petya/Petrwap malware.
WanaCrypt0r/WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017 stands the primary one where myriads of systems were infected across 160 countries.
Malware awareness
WanaCry made organizations aware of such malware and highlighted the frequency of cyber threats putting the outcomes of the blunders by humans under focus.
Malware to protect your digital assets from

Crashoverride / Industroyer

This malware attacks power grids and was responsible for the partial power outage in Ukraine. Industroyer is capable of controlling electricity substation switches and circuit breakers directly. It uses industrial communication protocols used worldwide in power supply infrastructure, transportation control systems & more.

Ransomware Wanacryptor

Threats like WannaCrypt usually leverage social engineering or email as a primary attack vector, relying on users downloading and executing a malicious payload. Threat intelligence and law enforcement agencies warn – such attacks are accelerating in frequency and targeting more businesses with increasing ransom demands.

Keep malware at bay with:

  • Endpoint protection
  • Workstation security compliance program
  • Segment networks
  • Security systems reviews
  • Regularly patch operating systems

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