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With AWS services you can grow your business rapidly and it works wonderfully for companies of all sizes providing them with infrastructure platform in the cloud. At CAXAN, we are committed to provide developers and their companies with tools and services that are required by them to be successful.
Today, these services are highly scalable and powers hundreds of businesses across the world. You can come and build your future with AWS today!
Benefits at glance with
  • Application of best practices for creating an AWS-based cloud solution
  • Leverage AWS computing services to provision virtual machines
  • Implementation of reliable storage and highly durable systems
  • Transparently spikes in demand with auto scaling and elastic load balancing
Application Hosting

There are few AWS components that are used to host your applications:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

It provides compute capacity in the cloud. Amazon EC2 gives you a full management console and APIs to manage your computer resources.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

With Amazon RDS it is easy to scale and operate a relational database in the cloud. It can provide you with resizable database capacity and cost-efficient administration tasks.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

It provides you with the simple web services that help you to store or retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. It is highly available and secure.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

It provides high performance that enables you to distribute work between the application processes.

Amazon Cloud Front

It provides you with globally distributed content and high-performance system with high data transfer speeds and seamless integration with Amazon S3.

Amazon DevPay

This is a simple online billing and account management service that makes it easy to sell applications that are built and run on Amazon Web Services.

Being a trusted partner you can easily learn with us. Along with testing your skills you can solve numerous business problems in the real-world under the guidance of AWS experts. To keep you updated new content is added on monthly basis. We understand your needs as we know thousands of businesses run on AWS services so we always aim to provide the best.
We leave no stone unturned to stay committed to both developers and their companies in providing them with tools and services that are required by them to be successful.

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