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At CAXAN with our DevOps services, we ensure rapid-on boarding applications by facilitating continuous integration and automating end-to-end delivery pipeline across different cloud platforms. We with our consulting services help large enterprises and startups align their operations to achieve higher efficiency and serve better quality as soon as possible.
Today it is widely getting adopted by many enterprises because most importantly it is trending nowadays. DevOps offers great efficiency and agility in automation. With it, you can easily build your business and further improve your efficiency and time-to-market.
Accelerating SOFTWARE DELIVERY with DevOps
Architecture and Technology Better collaboration and integration
Information Risk Management Enhance operational knowledge into design phase
Information Risk Management Create high-quality releases through automation
Service Management Seamless third-party integration
Infrastructure Services Enable continuous feedback
Infrastructure Services Provide automated environments
Services that CAXAN offer
DevOps Consulting Services
It provides DevOps Assessment and audit for your infrastructure, integration and developing environment. With our strategy and services, you can easily list down the points of improvement and the data that need to integrate into the DevOps strategy and execution.
DevOps Monitoring & DevOps Alerting
Our solutions ensure a continuous delivery pipeline with monitoring and alerting for your applications and hosts. Our products are predictive using artificial intelligence and machine learning for Log analytics.
Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
CAXAN trends to be a leading DevOps solution provider which provides end-to-end infrastructure automation, continuous deployment with automated testing and build process. It enables continuous delivery pipeline on computing and Microservices.
Microservices & Serverless Computing
Services at CAXAN support DevOps solutions for Java, DevOps Solution for Python, DevOps Solution for Golang, DevOps Solution for Scala, DevOps Solution for Ruby-On-Rails, DevOps Solution for Node.js.
Why choose us?
With our team of experts, we prioritize in providing a wide range of DevOps tools and services that can help you to achieve high performance with ongoing deployment and continuous integrations. Our DevOps team blends very well with the operational and development team to ensure continuous delivery and speedy deployments.
Our prime focus is your organic growth along with serving multiple of your domains!

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