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Over 10 years ago, ScienceSoft started to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now a part of Dynamics 365), a powerful and flexible platform for successful B2C and B2B enterprises in any industry.

Our consultants know how to release the potential of Dynamics 365/CRM beyond customer profiling and prove it consistently for SMEs and corporations in Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and other industries.

Our approach to DYNAMICS 365 CONSULTING

For us, CRM is not a buzzword but a powerful business enabler that should be aided with equally powerful software. The following 3 pillars define our approach to Dynamics 365 projects:

We know the platform

As expert Dynamics 365 consultants, we have tested the capabilities and limits of the platform to offer cost-effective solutions in any given case. In specific cases, where the lack of advanced customization impedes customer relationships and business growth, our consultants are also ready to deliver sophisticated features, from all-round customer base management and sales automation to contact center integration and complex performance reports.

We know your needs

We start with defining the scope of requirements to offer a precise solution that would adequately respond to our customers’ needs. Our motto is “Reasonable Microsoft 365 customization that makes positive change”. That’s why we deliver within the defined project scope, making sure you get the solution that meets both your expectations and budget.

We know your industry

We tailor our approach to Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting according to precise requirements dictated by your business environment. Experience with both B2B and B2C companies in the following industries enables us to share best practices with you and come up with efficient solutions to your CRM challenges.


As ScienceSoft’s goal is to deliver CRM systems that can positively impact your bottom line, we focus on these key success factors of a Dynamics 365 project:

  • Ultimate user experience.Convenient UI, task-specific features and user training – these are the determinants of a high CRM adoption.
  • Customer data security As CRMs are hubs of confidential data, we pay particular attention to ensuring the solution’s security.
  • Sound performance.To contribute more to the efficiency of your processes, we deliver Dynamics 365 solutions that can manage the expected load without slowdowns and issues.
  • ScalabilityIn our hands, Dynamics 365 turns into a highly scalable platform that can accommodate an ever-growing customer base without extra tweaks. The examples of the scopes we have successfully handled include customized CRM solutions for 7 million clients of a retail bank, over 5 million subscribers of a media company, and 35,000 SMEs subscribed to an accounting SaaS.
  • System IntegrationWe will help you make use of abundant customer data stored across your IT infrastructure so that no interaction falls out of your sales reps’ sight. For this, we can consult how to seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 with your website, ERP, loyalty program, customer support facilities (live chat, call center), etc.
  • To wrap up your CRM strategy in robust software – Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • To reflect your renewed processes and tasks in your Dynamics 365 through custom features and add-ons
  • To solve your Dynamics 365 issues (e.g., slow performance, business process flow issues)
  • To revive a failed CRM project (e.g., to tackle poor user adoption or workflow inefficiency)
  • To migrate or upgrade to any version of Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365, with all preparation required to prevent system downtime or data inconsistencies
  • To enable smooth data transfer between Dynamics 365 and other corporate software (ERP, web portals, POS, etc.)
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