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For 10 years already, ScienceSoft has been helping businesses around the world to back their customer relationship management with powerful software based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365).

We are ready to assist you with
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365:
    • Dynamics 365 for Sales
    • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
    • Dynamics 365 for Marketing
    • Dynamics 365 for Field Service
    • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Whether you look for sales and marketing automation, want to improve your sales teams’ productivity, consider exceptional customer service to be your competitive advantage, or want to base your CRM decisions on timely and deep analysis, we are ready to share our CRM expertise with you.

Key possiblities of DYNAMICS 365 FOR MARKETING

Drawing on 10 years’ experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our team provides consulting on how to fine-tune the platform to maximize the positive effect of CRM automation on your business while avoiding excessive customization. In the hands of our experts, Dynamics 365 turns into the tool to solve your business challenges, from comprehensive customer base management and sales and marketing automation to complex performance reports. Following an industry-focused approach, we analyze what changes are required to the Dynamics 365 platform depending on your business environment.

Whether you already have a detailed vision of the CRM system or you are just considering options, ScienceSoft’s CRM consultants can jump in with their expertise at any stage of your CRM project – be it planning or CRM implementation.

However powerful Dynamics 365/CRM is, it needs tailoring to meet your specific business requirements. In this regard, ScienceSoft offers flexible and scalable CRM solutions that support your unique business processes and accommodate the growing customer base and sales team.

With a deep understanding of the platform’s out-of-the-box capabilities, we focus on the most efficient ways to deliver the desired functionality. Whether the CRM tweaks are required to enable data transfer within the corporate infrastructure, digitize your business processes or create a branded UI, we can help you to get the most out of Dynamics 365 capabilities.

Our CRM consultant team turns to code-based customization only when it is indeed needed. Such approach ensures you get a cost-effective Dynamics 365/CRM solution that can be securely updated in the future.

When you know for sure what functionality can satisfy your business needs and how, ScienceSoft can assist you with Dynamics 365 implementation in your environment, followed by user training to raise the system’s adoption. Depending on your preferences, you can get the implementation done all at once, or delivered in “building blocks”. Through 10 years of CRM experience, we developed a proven CRM implementation process and can ensure you’ll get exactly the CRM system you need to solve your business tasks.

The efficiency of sales management and interaction with customers often requires a sync between the CRM and other enterprise software, such as:

  • the ERP to exclude data duplication
  • the accounting system to display customer balance information in CRM
  • the corporate website to capture lead data automatically
  • the customer portal and mobile apps to get 360 degree customer view

Caxan can help you integrate your corporate systems with Dynamics 365, which will enable your employees to access all customer-related data they need without switching between applications.

In case your legacy system can’t handle your emerging CRM challenges, ScienceSoft offers direct migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a part of the service, ScienceSoft’s CRM experts will consult on how to minimize work disruption during migration by planning activities and anticipating issues. Also, our team will provide training to speed up the new CRM’s adoption by users.

Other Dynamics 365 migration services by ScienceSoft cover transition from the on-premises environment to the cloud aimed at increasing security and scalability, as well as minimizing maintenance costs and efforts.

If you want to access the latest functions of Dynamics 365, like cutting-edge analytics, customer and relationship health insights, or native integration with Office 365, ScienceSoft can help you to switch to the latest Microsoft CRM version securely and with minimum system downtime.

If you currently run a version earlier than Dynamics CRM 2016, our CRM experts will manage a staged data transition from Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 or 2015. Also, if that is a preferable option to extend the set of features and improve user experience, we can carry out upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2015 or earlier version.

To minimize the risk of technical issues regarding complex Dynamics 365 implementation, migration, or integration, ScienceSoft provides a full cycle of manual and automated testing services, including:

  • functional testing to check the CRM system’s viability
  • usability testing to maximize user convenience
  • performance testing to confirm high operation capabilities

Regardless of the platform version you use, technical issues won’t block your business processes any longer. Our support team can ensure your seamless use of the CRM solution via:

  • 24/7 help desk services
  • in-depth issue investigation and resolution
  • prevention of recurrent issues
  • change request processing

With a range of flexible maintenance and support packages to choose from, both on-demand and regular technical help won’t eat up a lot of your budget.

Companies that are at a high CRM maturity level and those with too specific business requirements can find that even such a robust platform as Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn’t cover their CRM needs. In this case, ScienceSoft can come up with custom add-ons, like those that had powered our customers before Microsoft Dynamics 365 release:

  • BI/Charts for data visualization
  • EmailScoop for automatic email tracking
  • N to N Grid for managing records with many-to-many relationships

Perhaps, you would like to score leads automatically based on their behavior, manage customer surveys directly in CRM, or add another feature to your Dynamics 365/CRM. Then, let ScienceSoft extend the platform with the functionality you need to manage customer interactions efficiently.

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