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Oracle JD Edwards ERP software has robust capabilities and an active, dedicated user community. Specialized in JDE ERP we help companies with: New Implementations, EnterpriseOne Upgrades, World Upgrades & Migrations, Managed Services, Continuous Improvement Projects, Moving to Cloud, User Adoption, Training, and more.

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No matter how much your organization grows, Oracle ERP Cloud is the cloud solution that can scale with you. Flexible software architecture paired with state-of-the-art security are a couple of the reasons Oracle ERP Cloud was recently named a top industry leader by Gartner. Learn more below.

Robust and Reliable ERP Software

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is powerful, fully-integrated ERP software that is reliable and robust. The product’s user experience, flexibility, and continuous delivery model are just a few of the reasons more than 6000 organizations worldwide chose JDE.

User Experience

JDE EnterpriseOne has always placed the user at the center of the experience design – E1 9.2 has even more new tools to enhance the user experience including: personalization tools, role-based features depending on your role within the organization, Google-like search function, alerts, watchlists, and notifications.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can be deployed on your choice of operating system, database – and either on-premise or in the cloud.
With JDE, you can choose to implement the modules you need, and ignore the ones you don’t. You can extend or complement your JDE with cloud solutions.
Perhaps most importantly you can choose your choice of payment – either a one-time payment upfront for the software, or pay over time.
JDE ERP can truly be molded to fit your business (versus the other way around).

Continuous Delivery

When Oracle JD Edwards released Enterprise 9.2 they did so with a new delivery model – continuous delivery. Rather than big product updates every few years that require bigger upgrade projects for the business – the product team would release smaller feature pack enhancements every six months or so.
The JDE product team has made good on this promise – since EnterpriseOne 9.2 was released more than 80 new feature enhancements have been made for better UX, Modern ERP and more.
With a promised product roadmap until at least 2030 – businesses running JDE can expect more enhancements and innovation for many years to come.

  • JDE EnterpriseOne Financial Management
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Order Management
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Manufacturing
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Project Management
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Health and Safety
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Supply Chain
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Procurement
  • JDE EnterpriseOne One View Reporting
  • JDE EnterpriseOne UX One
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Mobile
  • JDE EnterpriseOne Cloud
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JDE EnterpriseOne Financial Management

Streamline your organization’s finances and improve your financial reporting with EnterpriseOne Financial Management. Advanced Cost Accounting. General Ledger. Accounts Payable. Expense Management. Accounts Receivable. Fixed Asset Accounting.

JDE EnterpriseOne Order Management

Improve customer satisfaction and take control of your order lifecycle with EnterpriseOne. Connect front-end offices (sales, customer service) and back-end operations with Order Management. Streamline order-to-cash with Outbound Inventory Management and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Implement Advanced Pricing capabilities. Optimize delivery and prioritize orders with Fulfillment Management. Better manage vendor and business partner relationships with Agreement Management. Meet customer demand and adapt when necessary with Demand Scheduling Execution.

JDE EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Management

Process, discrete and other manufacturing businesses choose Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Speed up manufacturing processes, gain efficiencies, optimize resources, increase customer satisfaction, and more with JDE ERP. EnterpriseOne includes tools for Requirements Planning, Configuration, and Quality Management.

JDE EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle Management

Oracle JDE offers flexibility to manage whatever assets matter to your business, including equipment assets, capital assets, rented assets, and more. Get the most out of your assets. Make smarter decisions based on better visibility across assets. Maximize ROI. Improve maintenance processes. Track asset performance, and more.

JDE EnterpriseOne Project Management

From project conception to project completion, JDE E1 offers comprehensive tools. Advanced Job Forecasting. Contract and Service Billing. In-Memory Project Portfolio Advisor. Advanced Contract Billing. Project Costing.

JDE EnterpriseOne Health and Safety

Report and track occupational incidents, as well as handle reporting for more sustainable business practices with JDE Health and Safety. The application includes Environmental Accounting and Reporting, and Health and Safety Incident Management.

JDE EnterpriseOne Supply Chain

Get your products to the right place at the right time. Minimize inventory and transportation costs with EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Execution. Reduce lead times. Gain real-time inventory information. Choose the right carriers, and more. Supply Chain in JDE includes role-based UX One features for Shipping Supervisors, Transportation Managers, and Warehouse Managers.

If you have complex shipping paperwork requirements, such as international or customer specific documents, JDE’s Transportation module enables you to automate the shipping paperwork.

JDE EnterpriseOne One View Reporting

EnterpriseOne includes real-time reporting capabilities for end users. One View allows users to design, create, run, and share reports. One View includes an extensive library of reports and an intuitive user interface.

JDE EnterpriseOne UX One

JDE UX One are role-based solutions designed on three principles: Alert, Analyze, Act. UX One enables you to personalize and create your own solutions within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. UX One includes role-based landing pages, visual user interface controls (maps, charts, and more), personalization options, tools for business analysts and other non-technical users, as well as tools for developers.

JDE EnterpriseOne Mobile

With over 80 JDE mobile apps, there’s a good chance if you want it on mobile – you can have it. JDE mobile apps are easy to download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

JDE EnterpriseOne Cloud

Like the breadth of features and functionality with JDE but prefer a cloud solution? JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can be deployed however you choose, on-premise or in the cloud.

Other hybrid options include extending JDE EnterpriseOne with Platform as a Service (PaaS – think IOT, or other platforms). Or you can complement JDE with Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Planning and Budgeting Cloud.


As one of the largest, award-winning JD Edwards consultancy groups in the United States, our commitment to the JDE community runs deep. Our team has:

  • 15 Oracle Excellence Awards
  • An average of 16 years ERP experience
  • Consulted on over 700 ERP projects
  • 100% retention rate for Managed Services clients in 2017 and 2018
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