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Dynamics 365 Consulting combines CRM and ERP capabilities into intelligent applications that seamlessly work together in the cloud.

As leading experts on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we provide an array of Dynamics 365 Consulting Services to small, medium, and large businesses. We provide a range of ERP and CRM consulting services that are geared toward optimizing your business operations and transforming your applications. We can help you in careful selection and implementation of various Dynamics 365 features, to suit your organization’s unique challenges.

With our assistance, businesses are well placed to maximize the capabilities of their ERP systems and CRM applications. You can run your entire enterprise seamlessly from end-to-end with intelligent, efficient applications that work in unison, in the cloud. We are a Microsoft-certified enterprise that has executed numerous projects across a diverse range of domains.

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The three pillars of customer relationship management from MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a collection of applications that are intended to automate specific business processes. Aiming to deliver the all-embracing CRM functionality, we focus on its three key components – sales, marketing, and customer service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers them all with relevant solutions.

Sales transformation with Dynamics 365 for Sales

The mission of Dynamics 365 for Sales is to organize the sales process and allow sales teams to qualify leads, nurture prospects and convert them into contracts in the most effective way. Different members of the sales team use it to their advantage.

Sales reps benefit from:

  • Centralizing account and contact information.
  • Taking the full control over opportunities in the sales pipeline.
  • Scheduling activities and engaging with leads, prospects, and customers timely.
  • Using stored sales collateral.
  • Getting AI-driven insights based on historical sales data (e.g., the next best action suggested).

Marketing transformation with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with dedicated marketing functionality. Basically, it offers two options:

Sales reps benefit from:

  1. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a Microsoft native marketing app that can be used separately or together with other Microsoft solutions. Marketers can start with creating a comprehensive customer profile, engage segmentation of customers for a targeted approach, and communicate with their audience via a variety of channels (email, social media, etc.). Additionally, the Marketing app does a good job for your sales team by automatically generating leads from marketing pages and scoring them based on set criteria.
  2. Microsoft-Adobe partnership allows for the seamless integration of Adobe’s native product – Adobe Marketing Cloud – and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Real-time customer data (including personal details, purchase history, responses to marketing activities, and more) gets centralized forming a 360-degree view of each customer. With that, companies align sales and marketing activities, and can instantly monitor the interaction of customers and engage with them efficiently.

Customer service transformation with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, your company manages cases and deals with customers’ queries efficiently. The app routes a case to a service agent who has access to customer data, their interactions with the company and all related records of the current case. This gives service agents all the cards to deliver fast and personalized support.

With knowledge management available out-of-the-box in the Customer Service app, you can also give your customers a self-service alternative to settle issues – a searchable knowledge base. Drawing on the past experience of interacting with customers, your service team can create articles with solutions to common issues, share product documentation, prepare answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and more to publish on the website.

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Consulting Services

Our functional experts can visit, discuss and understand your current business process and future plans. Based on the gaps identified and combining with new requirements, they suggest and document best practices for Dynamics 365 implementation in your organization. Our technical team can provide licensing advisory along with Dynamics 365 Consulting and jointly draft a solution blueprint for your company.

Implementation Services

Leveraging the inbuilt functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the experience over the years; our functional and development teams customize the solution with a fast turnaround. Our team also trains and educates your team on the platform to speed up adoption while documenting change requests.

Support Services

Customization services so you can have greater Return On Investment. Our Dynamics 365 Support Services include one-time or fixed cost support and maintenance services to cover for any additions or enhancements to your CRM implementation. You can also choose to get fixed cost managed services for your on-premise CRM server should you require it.

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