Online Reputation Management

Our ORM services- Your way to favorable reputation of your business in this competitive market

Ensuring your business positive brand image online
At Caxan our experts work on online reputation and track your company’s profile on different search engines which create a positive image about your brand, products and services over the internet.
Our reputation management team put innumerous efforts to make your company’s image look reliable and favorable. We defend the integrity of your brand by reducing the visibility of the negatives and highlighting your positive information. It is very essential to maintain the image of your brand, company or an individual, because it defines the success and failure of a business.
Caxan for your ORM services

Representing your image and maintaining the reputation of your online presence is our priority. A good online reputation can greatly benefit your brand and your business. We monitor your ORM with our services and eliminate all the negatives:

Customer data Extensive reputation evaluation
Customer Interaction Negative review monitoring
Access Business Information Removal of outdated content
Automate Sales Keeping the site abuzz with fresh content materials
Track Leads Conversation tracking
Contracts Improvisation of client reputation
Marketing Monitor consumer opinion
Customer Support Boost online traffic

The process we follow for online reputation management solution is simple and includes the following:

Entity developer
Dot connect
LINQ insight
LINQ connect
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