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No matter how much your organization grows, Oracle ERP Cloud is the cloud solution that can scale with you. Flexible software architecture paired with state-of-the-art security are a couple of the reasons Oracle ERP Cloud was recently named a top industry leader by Gartner. Learn more below.

Built to Scale

Built to grow with your business, Oracle ERP Cloud scales inherently while providing security and compliance in a modern user interface.More CFOs are choosing Oracle ERP Cloud  for IT system simplification, and to accelerate the addition of better security and new features. Oracle ERP Cloud is a full solution for modern business technology as a suite of cloud application for finance, project management, and other essential areas. An adaptable SaaS application design allows for addition of new innovations and features while maintaining security.

State of the Art Security

Security is a top priority at organizations of any size, and Oracle ERP Clouds’ vertically-integrated stack keeps your data under your control. A flexible set of deployment options including on-premises and hybrid cloud pairs with identity and access management solutions, data isolation capabilities, and end-to-end embassy-grade security to create a multilayer approach. Oracle ERP Cloud integrates the patching process into the cloud to quickly distribute and apply the latest security updates, minimizing risk and human error.

Integrated Software Suite

As an integrated suite, Oracle ERP Cloud applications easily share data with each other, increasing productivity and streamlining existing workflows. This interconnectivity is an essential element of a cohesive suite. Critical components such as security, user interface, analytics, reporting, and automation tools are present throughout the suite. Mobile capabilities and embedded social collaboration features keep employees connected as well, and API support can provide your business with access to existing third-party solutions already in use.

Learn More About Oracle Cloud Applications
Oracle Financials Cloud

The most comprehensive integrated and scalable financial management solution available. Oracle Financials Cloud offers extensive support for global companies in a wide variety of industries.

Oracle Financials Cloud Service is a complete financial management solution that includes tools for managing:

  • Assets
  • Advanced Collections
  • Cash Management
  • Expenses
  • Financial Reporting Center
  • General Ledger
  • Payables
Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle Procurement Management Cloud helps businesses streamline and automate processes to achieve higher profit margins

Procurement Management Cloud is a one-stop shop to manage all of an organization’s source-to-pay needs

Sourcing Management
Streamline negotiations and enhance company collaboration across departments regarding sourcing activities

Contract Management
Standardize agreements, gain insight with a searchable contract repository, and ensure compliance

Procurement Management
Automate requisition to payment cycle, reduce spending by enabling employees with efficient buying processes, and leverage automatic negotiated pricing to maximize savings

Supplier Management

Increase efficiency, enrich supplier communication, and manage supplier profiles

Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud

Supply Chain Management Cloud from Oracle is the solution for businesses that want to innovate and scale rapidly.

Supply Chain Management Cloud from Oracle helps enterprises with inventory and cost management, manufacturing, procurement, product data management, logistics, order management, product lifecycle management and supply chain planning.

Product Lifecycle Management
Innovate, develop, and commercialize profitable products

Supply Chain Planning 
Modern and comprehensive manufacturing planning solution

Empower modern procurement

Reduce costs, increase efficiency, ensure compliance

Order Management
Orchestrate the entire process and proactively resolve exceptions

Enable efficient and productive manufacturing operations in the cloud

Oracle Project Management Cloud

Manage your projects from start to finish, digitally, with Oracle’s flexible cloud software for project management.

Project Management

Tools for collaborative planning, simplified scheduling, project lifecycle management, mobile apps

Task Management

Unified software with all tasks in one place, internal communication tools (chat capabilities), real-time project status updates

Resource Management

Easily find and match resources with projects, track performance metrics, global view of resources and availability


Embedded ability to measure performance, access real-time reporting, use interactive dashboards, make better business decisions

Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud (PBCS)

Planning and Budgeting Software in the Oracle Cloud is the solution for businesses that want world-class planning and budgeting applications without large infrastructure investments.

Oracle Cloud Planning and Budgeting Software helps enterprises stay competitive and strategic with modern forecasting capabilities

Streamline the Planning and Budgeting Process
Align plans created across the organization

Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Predictive planning and rolling forecast tools to stay competitive

Connect Teams

View and share company plans and reports across the entire enterprise with online (including mobile) access

Ensure User Success

Microsoft Office integration including Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Real Reporting

Easily accessed dashboards that display real, accurate company data


As an Oracle Platinum partner, Caxan brings years of expertise gained through over 700 enterprise resource planning projects to deploy cloud capabilities for your business with no disruption to regular workflow. Caxan can assess your unique cloud needs, build the right solution, and provide comprehensive training for users on new configurations. Caxan will be there every step of the way to offer support, continuing to offer training and troubleshooting after deployment.

Caxan is certified in Oracle Unified Methodology and has been recognized for our cloud implementation methodology, achieving Cloud Excellence Implementer status for ERP Financial Management – General Ledger and SCM Procurement in North America.

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