Built on an open, standards-based architecture
Restructure your business processes, improves data superiority, and let all your key divisions to draw from the same source of data.

Experience Bestowing Coordination, STREAMLINED TASKS& Increased Productivity by our professionals

CAXAN to respond to mission-critical business processes choices
Oracle CRM is one of the leading players in CRM market which can robust the deployment models. It makes customer relationship management easy for businesses for all types of industries allowing them to optimize their sales processes and also boost the productivity. This tool enables the customer relationship and also set a powerful historical analysis for smarter business decisions.
Oracle On-Demand CRM is integrated with strong campaign features that leads to nurturing and ROI measurement tools.
Benefits of Oracle CRM Solutions: BENEFITS

Oracle CRM doesn’t require complex installation or additional purchase software in order to use it. It creates endless process opportunities. The program is fast creating as demanded in real-time in your multi-software system to connect with your other applications in order to obtain a secure and contextual data.

Architecture and Technology Supports automated authentication within your networks and portals.
Information Risk Management Support all of your vital business flows, such as lead-to-order and opportunity-to-quote.
Service Management Doesn’t require a login credentials every time you’re about to use it.
Infrastructure Services Increase your effectiveness and productivity.
Features of
  • Social CRM
  • Customer data integration
  • Quote and order capture
  • Partner relationship management
  • Business Intelligence (BI) applications
  • Price Management
  • CRM gadgets
  • Self-service and eBilling
  • Integration to Siebel CRM
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To grow your company and attain utmost profitability you can easily process in Oracle-Demand CRM with the help of CAXAN.

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