Swift, Seamless & Flexible:
Make your business swiftly grow at a faster pace by employing Caxan’s industry expertise, far-fetched insights and responsive tools to acquire, manage, and engage your workforce.

Equip your business with Sage Business Cloud by Caxan – an enterprise management package for your business. Adorn your enterprise with ERP services which not only provides ERP solutions but much more than that.

Caxan delivering real-time DATA ACCESS with enterprise management solutions
Regain the lost control over your business with Caxan that presents Cloud-based ERP software structured by Sage Business Cloud giving you incredible services. It gets you everything at a place by proficiently associating the day-to-day business processes. These daily business processes comprise inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, and customer relationship management.
Caxan aims to pierce into your organization and its management, collaborate with them and provide utmost support throughout implementation giving you flexible ERP solutions to make your business grow at its best.
Get a customized experience of Sage Business Cloud with Caxan and its exclusive tools that bestow the best of ERP. Let your workforce yield productivity with the apt tools and the right information. Caxan transforms your enterprise and make it promptly responsive while being more efficient and productive with the most updated Sage Business Cloud solutions.
Get an enterprise that comprises something beyond a typical

Experience Caxan’s industry expertise with leading technology which astutely construct and implement solutions that make you peerless in the market.

  • Seamless management of manufacturing, distribution and more.
  • Precise business data with analytical insights into all areas of the business.
  • Exceptionally structured for industry-specific operations.
  • Competently empowers your mobile salesforce.
  • Connect & collaborate across teams, offices, and geographical locations.
  • Developing healthier decisions using real-time information and data on your business.

Finance Management for startups and small businesses.


Smooth, secure, and compliant payroll products


Finance and business management for start-ups and medium-sized businesses.

Enterprise Management

Swift, smooth and flexible Finance and operations management.


HR management for medium-sized enterprises.


Easy payments gateways that accept payments promptly & easily.

CAXAN - For having customized Sage Business Cloud solutions
Caxan – Crafting incredible Business Cloud solutions for your organization. Caxan stands as trusted Sage partner in the market for making real-time business a reality for you. The team of experts coordinate and collaborate with your organization and its workforce in order to structure and endow a comprehensive solution with a step-by-step approach to ERP Cloud.
One of the reliable Sage partner, Caxan, has been leading the industry when it comes to delivering innovative Sage Business Cloud projects for corporates across multiple sectors. Caxan’s expertise has bagged it countless projects which are proficiently accomplished with its expert team of Sage Business Cloud specialists who support implementation and maintenance.

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