With our advanced Salesforce solutions build a powerful CRM
Salesforce CRM
Single platform to track all the customer information and customer engagement from anywhere.

CAXAN: Expertise on Salesforce CRM with certified consultants and many years of experience and expertise building and managing Cloud based applications.

A click away from having in and out solutions of Salesforce
With Salesforce CRM you can streamline your businesses processes and can easily connect to new customers. The best part about it is that it is a fully-features CRM software for all types of businesses.
With CRM you can run your sales effectively, attain better customer experience and you can also offer cloud-based applications with Salesforce. Merging with CAXAN, our top-noych services from our Salesforce CRM experts can provide you with an innovative platform that can help your business to reagin the relationship with your customers across all channels.
CAXAN: Services benefits you get a glance

Caxan offers consulting services that aim to help organizations to get most out of their Salesforce implementation. The following are some benefits you can reap with us:

Architecture and Technology Our tech support team will solve your issue to improve your business
Information Risk Management Sales experts will promote your products to improve sales and distributions
Service Management With us you can move fast, secure and, scalable cloud database
Infrastructure Services Easily analyse your data to take an immediate action on tasks and team
Make your customer your utmost priority
  • Information Risk Management Gap Analysis
  • Architecture and Technology Business Process Mapping
  • Information Risk Management Setup, Configuration, Implementation
  • Service Management Customization
  • Infrastructure Services Deployment
  • Infrastructure Services Post Implementation Support
Why choose us?
CAXAN brings deep industry experience and functional expertise to each Salesforce CRM implemetation. Each implementation is unique in it's own way so we tend to follow a developed approch and process.
We together work in collaboration in our client's organization and trying to know more about their business and needs. As a result we have been successful to drive high-impact results and improved client capabilities.

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