Workforce Management
We help business's to hire the best talent in the market with complete turnkey recruitment solutions. Our rapid access to a highly productive pool of candidates enables business flexibility to respond to changing business needs. Conenct with our expert team today to know more

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Bespoke recruitment solutions that realise the results your business needs.

At Caxan, we offer a full spectrum of workforce management services, to take care of all aspects of managing your temporary workforce – including managing orders for staff, payrolling, invoicing, assignment changes, onboarding, training, and handling ongoing candidate relations.

You’ll be joined by a dedicated onsite recruitment team that seamlessly integrates into your organisation, gaining a deep understanding of your business requirements. This means we’ll be primed to design and deliver a recruitment and workforce solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.

We’ve been doing just that for the likes of BT and Jaguar Land Rover, to great success. In fact, each year over 25,000 employees across the UK are managed by Caxan as part of a workforce management process.

And it doesn’t stop there. When it comes to employee management over multiple sites, we know that control and consistency is a top priority. Our Management Information (MI) is available in real time; it’s customised to your needs; and we’ll drill down to an individual hiring manager level – so that you get real business intelligence, that’s focussed on efficiencies and cost savings.

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